Happiness Is An Abstract, Meaning, And Meaning Essay

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I like to think of happiness as an abstract, meaning it should be unique to everyone because only said person can define what happiness is. Every person has their own definition of happiness making the question “What is happiness?” so complex to answer. To me happiness would come from the journey you take to find it. As you are on this journey you don 't even realize that the journey itself is happiness, because you 're doing something you want to do. It gives a sense of purpose and meaning to your life. So happiness as a journey is something that at the end of it, you will come to better terms with what happiness means to you.
So many people can define happiness in one word or one phrase, but I can 't. Their is no one word or phrase to describe what happiness is to me. So I like to think that I am on a journey of my own to find out what happiness is, even when it seems like this journey is hurting more than helping.Victor Frankl wrote an article on the very topic of happiness. In it he wrote about what a pursuit of happiness would provide. Frankl stated, “it 's the very pursuit of happiness … that thwarts happiness” (84). In other words, sometimes the very pursuit or journey towards happiness did not end up providing the happiness one was looking for.Sometimes though, the journey ends up feeling more of a battlefield. WIthin this battlefield, I am forced to confront my worries and thoughts. The thoughts that often have me wonder what my purpose is and whether going on this…

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