Hans Lippershey: The Invention Of The Telescope

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I will be conducting a Science, Technology & Society (STS) analysis, an invention. Which is the Telescope, I have chose this invention because i have a interest in Astronomy History. One of the earliest known working telescope appeared in the year of 1608, this is invented by a smart guy named Hans Lippershey. Hans was a spectacle maker, was also known as Johann Lippershey or also was just sometimes called Lippershey. He was born in Germany Wesel, in the year of 1570. Sadly passed away in September 1619. He was a lens maker, becoming the first person to create and disseminate the designs for the first ever telescope. Back then they had a debate because they weren't positive on who actually invented the telescope. They were saying that the telescope was …show more content…
Before all this you wouldn't be able to look closely to the stars. So this was invented by technology and all the lens that they had. Telescope was invented to see the stars and things that cant be seen by any other thing, vision becomes reality. The purpose of the telescope was for people that want a future with astronomy work. To explore new things in life and its also a great education to learn for our community and everyone. This has a amazing impact on our society because if it wasn't for this, we wouldn't be known whats up there and this had become a better effect on working astronauts. They have become more interested in space once they found out about the history of telescope, they had more knowledge of whats up there. This is education now with us, students are getting more knowledge about this including myself. Telescope was a big help and its so amazing what technology can become. Now a days there are different types of telescopes because different lens. In our community, i would have to say it had become a big help and our environment is different because of

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