Hans Christian Heg : A True Scandinavian American Essay

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Hans Christian Heg: A True Scandinavian-American During Scandinavian immigration to America, many Scandinavians arrived in uncertain of what they would accomplish but far surpassed their own expectations and set examples of successful assimilation into American culture. Assimilating into American culture was no easy task. For the majority of Scandinavians who left their home, their hope was to escape hardships and start a new life without religious discrimination, harvests that were sufficient to feed themselves and their family and earn enough money to get out of debt. Depending on when and where an immigrant chose to settle, these factors may or may not have been possible. The sooner they immigrated, the better off they tended to be. For example, during the time of the arrival of the first Scandinavian immigrants there were vast amount of lands available to be homesteaded. However, during the mid 1900’s, immigrants had a much harder time finding land and jobs as most land had been claimed and most jobs available were those for unskilled laborers like mining or lumbering. For the earlier immigrants, the open lands allowed them to settle with other members from their native land and create a community and even a worship place. Having a community to lend support and members who speak the same language eased the process of adjusting to completely foreign environment. One Scandinavian immigrant who truly set the stage for other Scandinavian immigrants and displayed not only…

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