Hand With Success Comes Failure Essay

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Hand in hand with success comes failure. We are quick to label ourselves as successes but slow to think of our failures. For ourselves that is. For others, we love to look at them as a failure as soon as they stumble a bit. How easily we can judge the failure of others but it 's rather uncomfortable to consider our own shortcomings. Remember that the realization of failure is the quickest way to success. You can 't fix a flaw you refuse to acknowledge because of ignorance, pride, and fear. We have to be honest with ourselves regardless if we are successful or not. The only true failure is the ignoring of failure, as it makes it impossible to succeed.
Everyone fails. It happens. You may feel embarrassment for a time and you may feel sorrow for an inability to achieve a dream you believe you loved. But these things can drive you to work harder for your success than you did before. They can make you wake up and work on days you might otherwise not really feel like doing so. It is very cliché but failure can help us more than success sometimes, and end up being what is best for us. Our failures are ashes. Our success is a phoenix. Know that your success will be born out of your failures. If we use our failure as a launching point for new success, the pain that you felt will become joy even sweeter than the loss was bitter.
I also believe a form of failure can be becoming content. We often start off with high aspirations, but once we begin trying to achieve these goals, we get…

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