Half Blood Blues By Esi Edugyan Essay

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A game of emotions
Human beings are known to be unpredictable, adaptable to every situation, and most definitely flawed. Such imperfections often stand out when reading popular books about a perfect character or watching movies with an unrealistic ending. Sometimes, the reality of life comes last in these works and people are left to wonder if they truly are the only flawed ones. Nevertheless, authors like Esi Edugyan have refrained from embellishing the human nature in some of their works and have strived to portray it for what it is. Indeed, in the novel Half-Blood Blues, the author, Esi Edugyan, explores the darker side of human nature. The main plot takes place during the Second World War and is told by a now eighty-three-year-old Sid Griffins, who tells the story of his past, his old band, and most importantly, Hiero, a very talent band member who was sent to a concentration camp because of him. Thought Sid’s character is difficult to like, Edugyan chose him as a narrator, because through him the author is able to describe different common human emotions that people are not always ready to admit but have sometimes felt.
The author’s choice of narrator allows her to create a contrast between perfection and imperfection. Indeed, the narrator is the epitome of imperfection as throughout the book, everything he does backfires against him. For example, his jealousy toward the special bond Delilah, his girlfriend, and Hiero share pushes him to accuse her of being attracted…

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