Haiti : The Country Of The United States Essay

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To begin with, I 'm Haitian. I am happy that I am a Haitian, I love my country very much.
Haiti is the sweetest country in the world. Living in Haiti, I did not have to pay for water, food and light so when my parents bought a home, the home was theirs permanently, they do not pay monthly housing developments, and they can do what they want. I grew up in Haiti, where I went to school, where I did almost everything. despite the earthquake that happened in Haiti. Haiti still is good, not as it was, but it 's good. I went to kindergarten, elementary, middle school in Haiti, and trust me, If you were born in Haiti and you went to school in Haiti, believe me, you would be proud to be Haitian, because the way they teach you in school is different from any other country like the United States, Canada etc ... We 're good in mathematics. The reason why most of the Haitian are good in mathematic is because we don 't use calculators; we do everything with our head, and from the bottom to the top, I actually learned most of the important things, in Haiti before I came to the United States . I do only high school in the United States. I try to be as happy as I can most of the time. Everyone cannot please each other but if everyone pleases themselves and are cheerful most of the time, I feel that it is a better start to put yourself in life. Being down or depressed comes with everyone’s character at some point.

When I come across this point in life, it is one of my weak…

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