Habitat Destruction

Most threats facing animals and plants at present can be linked to human influences. Habitat destruction is the greatest contributor to the extinction of species. Human actions which threaten biodiversity can be divided into two categories, deliberate actions and unintentional actions.
Many habitats for example, swamps, wetlands, forests and other habitats get destroyed for human consumption and industrial gain. By destroying habitats, many different animals face death because they no longer have homes and protection from other predators. Habitat destruction does not only affect a small area it affects a whole ecosystem. Half of the world’s forests have been removed and the worst affected forests are the tropical forests .
Deforestation impacts
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People hunt animals to get trophies of their kills to show off meanwhile it affects the ecosystem and food chain of an area. Poaching animals is a huge contributor to the extinction of animals, for example, rhinos get poached so that people can sell their horns in the black market and the result is that rhinos are now an endangered species.
Urbanisation destroys habitats because people move from rural areas into the city, the city then becomes too small for the amount of people living there so the city expands which causes the destruction of habitats and ecosystems so that the people can expand the cities. Overpopulation also destroys habitats and ecosystems because there isn’t enough space for all the people living on Earth so they expand the areas in which they live into animal’s habitats, the animal’s food chain gets disturbed and there becomes an overpopulation a species of animals which leads to their pray becoming
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People exploit animals for a food source and exhaust a species of animals, for example, the hunting of game so that people can get trophies to hang on their walls or to make carpets from the animals to show off. People overuse the earth’s resources, according to WWF Global, about 100 million metric tons of aquatic life get taken for the sea every year for human’s consumption, if people continue to take that much aquatic life from the ocean, those species will be excitant (WWF Global, 2016). People allow overgrazing of the land so that they can own more livestock.
Pollution causes animals to die because harmful chemicals get into the water and air and the animals breathe or drink the water they can die. Acid rain is an example of pollution, acid rain is when chemicals get absorbed by water droplets in the clouds and when it rains the chemicals get into the rivers and lakes . (Anon., n.d.) Oceans will continue to get more acidic due to pollution and waste pipes leading into the ocean. Aquatic animals will die and suffer because the ocean will be more toxic and they will not be used to such acidic

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