The Importance Of Big Game Hunting

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Above is an image of former president Theodore Roosevelt posing with his kill of an african elephant. The animal was roaming peacefully about the grounds of Africa and less than 2 minutes later, the animal was a trophy for a rich, white, and powerful American man. Every year, between 200 to 2,000 species of animals become extinct. A large part of this problem is hunters baiting and killing these animals for sport and trophy hunting. Although there are about 2 million species on planet earth, extinction is an extremely significant event. That animal will never again be living on planet earth. This cannot be stopped completely, however the main source of the problem is big game and trophy hunters. The sport of big game hunting needs to be outlawed by governments worldwide because of its brutality and pointlessness. The actions of these big game hunters also hurts efforts towards wildlife conservation. The hunting of exotic animals for sport should be outlawed because it is inhumane and immoral. An animal is a living creature, just the same as any other person; their lives should be valued the same. As these animals are hunted and killed, their species become extinct. A recent article in the New York Times illustrated the death of Cecil, an …show more content…
Poaching is also a large contribution to the decreasing amount of animals. This is mostly a problem in places such as southern Africa. “The decline of lions and other species, including elephants and rhinoceri, is primarily due to the loss of natural habitat and poaching, often to sell them or their parts on the black market” (Big Game Hunting). These hunters sell these animal parts and hunting trips to mainly international visitors as exciting and exotic experiences. However, they are doing this to make money and support their personal financial interests even if it hurts the conservation of

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