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Patrick Ferriero Strategic Plan and Self-Reflection Summary M5A1 Argosy University Executive Summary For over the last one hundred years Harley Davidson has been the worldwide leader in the Motorcycle industry. The company which started in 1903 quickly gained notoriety for their quality products. The company went on to become an iconic American Brand gaining a huge, loyal customer base. The company eaw a set back in revenues in 2008 with recession in the economy but has been steadily

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Direction Setting

2. Organizational Design

3. Organizational Culture

4. Leadership Traits

5. Ethical Organization Characteristics

* Identify elements

* Identify missing elements

6. Learning Organization Characteristics

* Identify elements

* Identify missing elements

Part III: Strategic Plan Summary

1. Conclusions

2. Recommendations

3. Implementation

4. Risks

Part IV: Self Reflection


Part I: Global Economy / Factors Affecting Global Economy

Motivations / Risks

Motivations for Expansion

The motivation for the Harley Davidson company to expand to other markets in the world is to gain company growth. The company would like to broaden their customer base by reaching out to new markets to increase their sales and revenue. Also another reason that the company is motivated to expand is for economies of scale. The company can spread their cost of manufacturing, marketing, and R&D by expanding globally. This in turn will lower the cost per unit with expansion. Another reason that the company is expanding is to reach new markets. The company has come out with a new bike that is being sold in India and in the United States. The new Harley-Davidson Bike Called the Street has been designed to meet the needs of new riders and a younger generation of Harley riders. The company has priced the bike at an
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