H & M 's Brand Personality Essay

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3. Describe H&M 's brand personality. Use 4P examples to show how the various facets of H&M’s brand personality are brought to life.
H&M’s brand personality is unique, if H&M was a living breathing person they would be someone that many people would strive to be. H&M’s brand is diverse, chic, intelligent, and especially environmentally conscious.
The products that H&M offer can be split into three categories. One category of clothing is just basics for men, women, and children. The second category is affordable fashionable clothing. The third category is high end extremely fashion forward clothing. These three categories show that H&M 's products are extremely diverse. These categories all include men’s, women 's and children 's clothing. H&M’s products are not limited to a specific body type. Their clothes are reasonably sized compared to other brands and they also offer a plus size line. H&M’s consideration for every body type gives them an extremely clean image compared to other retail stores. Many retail stores focus on a petite sizing chart and some will even go as far as saying they only want beautiful people wearing their clothing. H&M has proven within their brand personality that they do not have a specific definition of a beautiful person they believe that every person is beautiful in what they are comfortable in, and H&M will make the clothes that they feel comfortable in.
The pricing of the H&M’s products vary depending on what the consumer is looking for.…

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