H&M Swot and Pestel Essay

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3

Description of the Organisation 4

PESTEL-Analysis 6

SWOT-Analysis 7 * Strengths 7 * Weaknesses 9 * Opportunities 9 * Threats 10

Ethical behaviour and corporate social responsibility 11
Conclusion 12
Bibliography 13

Executive Summary

H&M is a great company in many aspects. It may be Sweden’s most recognised company after IKEA. It all started with a small women clothing store outside of Stockholm and later grew to be the biggest clothing retail firm that one have yet seen. During this report I will begin with a brief description of the company’s
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In H&M’s brochure ‘H&M in words and pictures’ which can be downloaded from their website one can find their business concept which states that their goal is to “... offer fashion and quality at the best price.” Why H&M can offer such a low prices for such a good quality is because they outsource all production to suppliers and they cut the middle hand. Since they order big amounts of cotton at each order, the producers can give them a competitive price. Since Erling started the business in 1947 his followers have only delivered success to the company. When Carl-Johan took over the role as CEO he was then the third generation of Persson to manage the company and there is no doubt that he would not deliver the same success to the company as his father and grandfather did. Another strong competitive weapon is the ability to distribute the goods from the design tables to the retail stores. The average time for retailers in the same industry is about 6 months. H&M can do this in 3 months which gives them a head start in the trend sensitive world as we

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