Gym Fitness Essay

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At almost every gym today you’re likely to find a sanitary wipe dispenser placed around the gym to wipe down machines before and after usage. Most exercisers go to the gym to stay healthy or to get physically fit. But the question is do all gym users consider the health of others? This is an epic battle of the sexes to see who has the best gym etiquette. Will the men finally overcome the win, in this battle? Or will it be the other way around. The researcher wanted to determine the distinction between male and female exercisers and their gym sanitation. Often time women are known to be more clean, or organized, so the question is will that behavior come into play during this observational experiment. The assumption was that those who sanitized the machines before only cared about themselves. Those who sanitized after usage took into the consideration of the other exercisers. This experiment will measure which sex cares just about them The research hypothesized that women would overall be conscientious of themselves and other and would sanitize the machine before and after. In an attempt to decipher the gym habits of men and women,
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Coming out of this observational study the women proved that overall they have the best gym etiquette. Only one male wiped down the machine before and after using it. Which is low compared to the women who had three females that sanitized the machine both times. The males again came up short when observed to see who would wipe the machine after, the number was one. The females had only two out of the ten. Just one female wiped the machine after. On the men’s side eight out of ten males did not wipe the machine before or after. These number were atrocious, and dissatisfying. While four out of the ten women did not wipe neither times. Keep in mind this is just a sample study. The researcher wonders what the results would be if it was observed on a a

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