Guns Do Not And Can Not Kill People Essay

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Gun Control
After the Newtown, Connecticut shooting that occurred on December 14, 2012, gun control laws came in the crossfire and gun sales skyrocketed. Several people and family victims of the shooting went full force against guns after the shooting and blame the guns for the deaths on that dark, grim day. What people neglect to understand though is that guns are not alive. They have no living pulse and cannot move under their own power. Therefore, as proven in an independent study conducted by Seabag, the conclusion is guns do not and cannot kill people (Seabag). The guns require an operator similar to other tools people use; for example, a hammer. These tools do not have feelings and can not move on their own without the help of an operator that has feelings and a pulse. The operator is the one that uses the tool to kill a person, commit a crime, etc., so we as the operators and users need to be fair to the tools and stop blaming them for things people do with them. The federal government’s ability to regulate gun control laws is beneficial, yet can be harmful if the laws become too strict.
One reason the federal government should regulate today’s gun control laws are to protect the well being and safety of the citizens of the United States. The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 is a country wide mandate where every person wanting to acquire a firearm must go through a federal background check first. This background check system has been used to…

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