Gun Violence In Bowling For Columbine By Michael Moore

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In Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore attempts to persuade the viewers that the Columbine High School shooting could have been avoided if America as a nation did not have such a high gun violence and loose gun control laws. Moore uses music, archival footage, humor, and real-life interviews to get his point across to the viewer. In the scene when Moore plays the song Happiness is a Warm Gun by the Beatles he uses various videos of people with guns in order to show how guns are seen as such an unimportant object that “aren't that dangerous.” Moore does not have a specific audience in mind for this film; he wants everyone to see how guns are dangerous by creating a sickening tone through cognitive dissonance.
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Moore uses this archival footage to once again show how our loose firearm laws only promote killing each other/ and ourselves. Moore uses this scene to show that it is not just random people in the public who are using guns to kill themselves, but it is also highly respected government officials. This is important because it shows how committing these crimes was extremely easy and as seen with the example of Budd Dwyer, anyone can do it. The use of another sickening scene continues to force the viewer to realize how twisted our nation is unlike others. The segment of Dwyer shooting himself sent such a twisted yet somewhat important message to the American people. It sent the message that when a mistake is made that you have to pay consequences, and self-harm, or harming others is a consequence that is an option. Though people don't always resort to hurting themselves, they usually tend to hurt others. Just from this scene in the film, when we see Emilio Nuñez shoot and kill his ex-wife during a television interview. To further prove his point Nuñez did not just fire one bullet into his ex-wife, but he unloaded the entire clip of bullets into her body. This continues to show how some people see shooting others as a way to deal with a predicament. Whether this man had seen the video of Dwyer or not it shows how people in America resort to killing/hurting others to make a statement. In conclusion, these examples of how publicly using a gun to harm oneself or someone else can spark people to do the same to

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