Gun Restrictions On The United States Essay

1610 Words May 14th, 2015 null Page
California is known to have one of the strictest gun laws in America. Many people flock to other states such as: Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, and Texas. The laws in these states are not nearly as grueling as the ones in California. Although Washington D.C is not a state it has the most restriction on gun control in the nation. As an american citizen you can not exercise your second amendment in Washington D.C. without being a policeman or high detail security such as, the Secret Service. New York and Massachusetts are among the top states with the most rigorous laws. A lot of this has to do with politics. The rigid states are usually democratic where as the states that will allow you to exercise your amendment are republican. California as you probably know is indeed democratic. The state has some of the most outrageous gun restrictions when you compare it to states like Texas. In Texas you can get a gun in three days without restriction, just a simple background check is required. On the other hand California has a waiting period, assault weapons band, and expensive fees just to purchase the gun. These facts you are about to learn about will really shock you. Just to give perspective, in Texas you are allowed to open carry a rifle and have a CHL without hassle. Now what does this mean? Open carry is what you see policeman doing. Meaning you are allowed to openly carry a rifle (not a handgun) on your back out in public. CHL stands for Concealed Handgun License.…

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