Gun Control Laws Should Be Legal Essay

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An incendiary debate has been sparked regarding current gun control legislation in the United States, because approximately 30,000 United States citizens lose their lives to gun-related crime and injury every year (Terror). The question is whether gun control laws should be strengthened to make it harder for potential criminals to possess weapons or kept the same to preserve the rights of the United States citizens. Gun control opponents believe that the answer to this problem is to loosen gun control laws to dissuade potential shooters. Gun control proponents believe that the answer is to tighten gun control laws so that a gun is never put into a potential shooter’s hands. To examine this issue, one must carefully ponder different points of view that lend themselves to the issue. Examining the social, criminal, and worldview aspects, therefore, seems to be an imperative task. Upon this examination, one will find that legislation should strengthen gun laws, but not ban guns outright.
After the shootings in Newtown Connecticut, CBS News and the New York Times ran separate surveys, showing that 57 percent of Americans wish for stricter gun control laws (Bannon). After the shootings, an activist group known as Faith United to Prevent Gun Violence held a conference that aimed to petition Congress to make gun laws that require universal background checks, ban high-capacity weapons and magazines, and make gun trafficking a federal crime (Schultz). A majority of the American people…

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