Gun Control, Gay Marriage, Prostitution, Illegal, And Illegal Immigration

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Gun control, gay marriage, legal marijuana, prostitution, illegal immigration; this is only a partial list of the large number of controversies that plague America. Included in this large list of controversies is a big one that has been dividing Americans, the topic of abortion. This has been an ongoing debate for many years, covering the morality and legality of permitting induced abortions. There are two major sides involved in the debate. One side is known as "pro-choice". They advocate that the right to decide to terminate a pregnancy belongs to the woman. They believe that since it is the woman 's body, she should get to decide what she does with it. The other faction is known as "pro-life". They argue that the fetus has the right to live, and therefore should not be killed. They believe that the fetus is a human being, and that killing it should be considered murder. Both sides have very strong arguments, which makes this topic even more heated. I personally agree with the "pro-choice" side, and that the woman should get to decide because she is affected the most by the pregnancy.

Before we dive right into this controversy, we first must understand what an abortion is from a medical perspective. Abortion can be defined as the termination of a pregnancy through either removing or forcing the embryo or fetus out of the uterus. The two modern procedures for abortions include medications or a surgical procedure, although both are about the same in terms of…

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