Gun Control And The Second Amendment Essay

848 Words Oct 5th, 2015 4 Pages
“The right of people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” states the second amendment. Recently gun control laws are becoming strict and evasive; therefore, others have stood up to protect their basic human rights. Those who are pro-gun control believe the fact that guns are the main reason for so many homicides, suicides, and misfires when in reality it is rather the person behind the trigger. Guns are provided for protection because the police are not always there for the general public. In addition, police need weapons such as guns because their job can become extremely fatal if they are not armed with artilleries. Therefore, abolishing the second amendment is erratic to the preservation of our forefathers who authorized the law to protect its citizens.
Guns are essential to our citizen’s protection and well-being. There are numerous encounters of almost every day occurrences of home invasions that police cannot always tend to when called. Therefore, the average individual would have to fend for themselves; in addition a gun in their possession would be a reliable resource for these specific confrontations. Recently, a 90 year old man living alone scared a burglar off by firing his .357 magnum revolver in the direction the perpetrator was trying to invade. Even though prior to shooting, he called police due to suspicions they did not respond as quickly as the events were escalating. Ultimately the elderly man had to take matters into this own hands and shoot…

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