Gun Control And The Gun Essay

838 Words Sep 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
Close your eyes, and picture a loaded pistol placed against your skin. The iron against your forehead chills your body. It overwhelms your soul knowing that a silver cylinder holds your destiny. There is only a trigger away from you taking your last breath. However, maybe that trigger is actually a cigarette slowly taking your breath instead of immediately killing you. A gun holds a lot of power just by looking at it. The bullets that are placed in the cylinder, can be a death sentence, but what if it’s cigarettes and not bullets that are fired. Just to think about a gun, and you are not use to being around one is very scary. A gun holds so much power with or without bullets inside of the cylinder. As you look at the ad you see that the gun takes up most of the white paper, and also that the gun is the main symbol because it is showing the amount of weight and power it holds. When a gun is shot the piercing sound it leaves in the ear is very painful; you feel it all over you. A bullet can be shot and take you right then and there. The penetration from a bullet can be very deadly. On the other hand, a cigarette is similar, the only difference is that it does not cause deadly consequences right away. As you look at this picture, you notice that bullets are replaced by cigarettes. In Fahey’s article, “Health Hazards of Cigarette Smoking” he states, “Cigarette smoking also have a negative effect on nearly every part of the body and increases the risk of many life threatening…

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