Essay about Guidelines For The Hr Practitioner

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Recommendations to the HR Practitioner
Throughout this chapter, there has been a discussion around the executive decision-making tool kit of data analytics, experience, and intuition. Specifically, this chapter has proposed the tool kit, described how the three skills simultaneous create a more balanced way to make decisions, and discussed how this tool kit links to organizational performance in complex business environments. In the following sections of this chapter will discuss the required Human Resources intervention for developing executive decision-making skills and builds upon how to implement this proposed decision-making tool kit through the Rational Intuitive Model. This proposed model is built upon the research discussed throughout this paper and the pulls parts from other development models discussed in the Literature Review, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2.
Human Resource Intervention
Human Resources practitioners are not focused on helping executives to make decisions (Bass, 1990). Human Resources need to begin to offer executives opportunities to develop decision-making skills (Agro, 1986b; Wren, 1995). The majority of the skills leaders have that enables them to be effective is learned organically, through the process of education and past experience (Wren, 1995). Learning is a living process that must be adjusted to the challenges of the present, not the challenges of the past (Bass, 1990). Although it is ideal to begin to develop managers through mentorship…

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