Guidelines For Keeping Safe And Staying Healthy Essay

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Keeping safe and staying healthy starts from the appropriate preventative knowledge which guides and equips people, irrespective of their role, to identify and manage risks, make informed decisions and choose the way individual needs are attended to (ROSPA, 2016). Attained within Care Act 2014, Local Authorities have a general responsibility to provide a ‘proportionate’ and accessible service so all adults can obtain information and advice in relation to care and support (Care Act 2014:c23:p1:s4). To ensure fairness and equality, the duty extends to those not in receipt of formal support which suggests ‘invisible’ individuals, such as some informal carers or service users with ineligible needs, are given deserved recognition (Age UK, 2016).
Councils primarily fulfil this duty through their own website, yet they also have the option to enhance the quality of internet content by integrating with relevant agencies, namely NHS Choices, to promote wellbeing or reduce/delay care and support needs of adults (Care Act, 2014:C23:P1:S3). Collaboration in this way, termed ‘syndication’ is a cost-effective way of collating, distributing and sharing data between agencies from alternative vocations. Partnership working results in an in-depth, comprehensive website that offers rich and varied, cost-free information to a wider public audience, for instance benefit entitlements for both carers and recipients of care (NHS, 2016). Pooled resources aim to keep individuals…

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