Guidelines And Expectations Of Employee Behavior Essay

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Business organizations today have many challenges. In addition to selling quality goods and services for a profit, employers are responsible for creating a safe and healthy environment for their employees as well as their customers. In an effort to ensure an environment that is reasonably free from health hazards and criminal activity, for both the employees and customers, management bears the responsibility of creating a set of environmental standards that are both practical and enforceable. These standards consist of policies and procedures that will include instructions and expectations of employee behavior in relation to customer services. For most organization, non-compliance of customer related policies could expose the company to negative media attention and litigation proceedings. Therefore, it is imperative to create and highlight strict penalties for non-compliant behavior by employees, including demotions, suspensions and of course terminations. These policies should become a set of behavioral guidelines for employees. Compliance with these policies will reduce the probability of accidents, injuries and legal risk while non-compliance will precipitate the opposite effect.
In the book, Applied Business Ethics, Module 26: “Don’t Be a Hero” Policies (“Hero”), the primary focus is on the conduct of an employee in the event of a crime such as; a bank robbery, shop-lifting or petty thefts. According to the module, the lives of the employees and the customers aren’t…

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