Guerrilla Girls Feminism

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I have chosen to do my essay on the feminist movement, focusing mainly on the activist group called The Guerrilla Girls. I chose this specific group to focus on as they caught my attention when learning about them. After doing more research on them made me certain that this was going to be the topic of my essay. The reason I chose this group to focus on is due to the fact that they stood for what they believed was wrong and tried everything they could to change the art world and make it equal. Through this essay I will be looking at how they first started out , the meaning behind why the group stood for what they did, what they achieved by doing the things they done.
In 1985, there were a group of people wearing gorilla masks that suddenly
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(, 2017)They have come together with institutions that once wouldn’t look their way including the Tate Modern and MoMA, and so far, their tactics remain as strange as ever. In 2012 they revealed that they had been working on a weapon, an estrogen bomb…If you drop it, men will drop their guns and start hugging each other. Out of all the things that had happened, two events inspired the formation of the Guerrilla Girls. The first event was in 1971 by the art historian Linda Nochlin. She wrote an essay and titled it “Why has there been no great women artists?”. She accepts that women have failed to achieve greatness throughout history compared to the Picassos and Michelangelos of the art world. Nochlin blames the art world for deliberately avoiding the explanation that women must be intellectually or biologically inferior. She also argues that women have never had the opportunity to show what they can do against their make peers. Laying all the blame on for this on the artworld. Nochlin writes that “The Fault lies not in our stars, our hormones, our menstrual cycles, but in our institutions and our education”.(, …show more content…
They began to develop something that resembled a cult following. They continued to: create startling images, pick selected facts, as well as targeting a specific group of people in their posters billboards and stickers. They also appeared at lectures, performances and exhibitions at mainstream universities and art institutions. They issued another poster which could possibly be their second most famous piece that they titled sarcastically, “The advantages of being a woman in the art world”. With this poster they managed to get the reaction they were hoping for this by using an arresting image and statistics. As the feminist art historian Bell Hooks notes, “the work of the Guerrilla Girls represented a most powerful political union between theory and practice”. The artistic techniques and strategies have remained consistent through out their practise. They gradually expanded their range of their focus, the Guerrilla Girls responded to criticism that arose such as being concerned with “white feminism”. They extended their range in the 1990’s to the fairness of racism, as well as their reach to other places outside of New York. They looked at major art institutions, critics, and art collectors in the rest of the US then moved onto Europe and began to critique

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