Latina Feminism Movement

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Latina Feminism Movement and Latinas in Criminal Justice System

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Feminism aims at establishing an equal platform for women participation in the social, political cultural and economic activities. The main objective of feminism is to agitate for women rights regardless of their race or their social inclinations. Latina feminism movement is a group of Latin females whose are born and raised in the United States. These groups of individuals’ forms a majority of the population but their lives are characterized by poverty, racism and sexism. They form a majority of the indigenous American population but still they are discriminated
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They were organized and resisted the authoritarian government. The Feminism movement would object the policies set by the government that did not recognize that were insensitive of their general wellbeing. They actively rebelled this through active voice and agitated for political agency. They could not settle until they were represented in the political arena by their fellow ladies. The ladies would create an international awareness of the violence against women. The issue would be treated with great magnitude nationally and internationally. That attached more meaning to their fight against gender violence that was greatly rampant from their husbands. The ladies Feminism movement would still forcefully and publicly rebuke the presence and the persistence of the patriarchy. Male chauvinism and dominance in the spheres of life would be constantly challenged by the movement (Henold, 2008). The movement formed an international collaboration of ladies from all walks of life. The movement would merge to ladies in the political, social and economic spheres from all over and encourage one another on the attainment of self-respect and dignity. The ladies movement agreed to form an international union without any structural hierarchies. Each participant would be treated like their peers, and they had the same status in the organization. That created a sense of belonging and tolerance …show more content…
She had indicated her passion to get involved in the Feminism activism from 1910 by writing articles for her father’s paper. The main subject or objective of the paper was inclined towards discrimination and the oppression experienced by women at that particular period. At around 1911 she founded the League of Mexican Women which was seen as the initial attempt to form a social Feminist movement (Love, 2006). Her foundation would build free schools for the Mexican needy kids. Gloria Anzaldua proclaimed herself as a writer and a poet, has done many great works that were instrumental in shaping the Feminism in the Latin America. Her great work core message revolves around the theme of gender, race and sexual orientation (Love, 2006). The messages in her literary work were mainly inclined on the tribulations black women and the Latinos. Nina Otero –Warren was a Chicana educator and also a politician at the first wave of female feminism. She served for women suffrage in the New Mexico. She was later made the Inspector for Indian School in Santa Fe county where he improved the levels of education in the minority people in the United States. Maria Rebecca input is by far very vital in the agitation of the women for their rights. She was at the forefront in pioneering the Xicana activist, and she entirely worked to enhance the educational and economic opportunities for the Latin

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