Essay on Growing Up From My Grandmother

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Growing up: Growing up both of my parents worked since we lived a couple houses down from my grandmother. Somehow between my dad’s, mom’s and my grandmother’s work schedule there was always someone home watching my older sister and I. My father was a police officer of Milpitas Police Department. Milpitas is in Silicone Valley for those who are familiar with the San Francisco Bay Area. My mother did part time teaching and caregiving for children with mental disabilities. My older sister and I are four years a part. Eventually once my dad got promoted, my mom stayed at home to raise us, although she did do tutoring once in a while on the side from our home. My grandmother was single because my grandfather had passed away before I was born. My sister had the fortune blessing of knowing my grandfather before he passed away. I do not know much about my grandfather on my mom’s side because no one seemed to really like to talk about him. Even when I was younger, I kind of got the sense that there was probably a reason why. Once I became and adult, my mom told me he was not a nice person and that if it wasn’t for his health issue that my grandmother would have left him. My grandmother on my mom’s side was always in our life. The rest of my family was very distant back then and still is to this day. My dad’s side of the family did not approve of my dad marrying my mother and hated the fact that my dad left his family in Texas to take a job in California as a police officer. I am…

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