Essay about Growing Stronger Day By Day

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Growing Stronger Day by Day One average June day, my family and I excitedly prepared for another summer camping trip. My dad decided to forge ahead to the river where he would wait for us to arrive. I could not imagine that anything spectacular would happen, but I was most definitely mistaken. My life would change forever in what seemed a blink of an eye. That day would test my moral character, for that day my parents gave me a scar that forever changed my life. As a young boy, my life was full of fun and excitement. Summertime called for camping, boating, and riding the wooded trails on our four-wheelers. On a regular basis, our backyard hummed with friends and family barbeques. My father and I developed a passion for arrowhead hunting, of which I have fond memories. Snowball fights, snowman building, and bike riding on the snow and ice filled our winter days. Even though it seemed as if I had the perfect childhood, my parents often left my brother and me alone at home. The reality of my childhood was not all fun and games. One time, in particular, when my parents left my brother and me home alone, I browsed through my parents’ closet looking for a baseball glove that I thought I had lost. Rather than my glove, I found what would eventually be that cause of one of the worst days of my life – drugs. I stood in shock as I tried to comprehend what this all meant. This explained the late nights that they stayed at their friends’ houses, as well as the constant…

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