Group Therapy Is A Smart Choice For A Lot Of People Essay

926 Words Dec 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Have you ever had a problem where you thought you were alone and that no one could relate to your situation? Then I Group therapy is a smart choice for a lot of people and for many reasons. I feel that the group allows you see the issue at hand much more clear, when you see others going through the same issues you are going through. The feeling of hope because you can watch everyone in the group progress at different speeds and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Being part of a group of people who have the same experiences helps people see that what they are going through is universal and that they are not alone. The therapy group is much like a family in certain ways such as within the group, each member can explore how childhood experiences contributed to personality and behaviors. They can also learn to avoid behaviors that are destructive or unhelpful in real life situation. Much like a family you will be able to have someone pick you back up if you have a few failures along the way, which can be very supportive during these hard times. Another example of group therapy the size of the group varies in size with members sometimes a lot of people are in the class or it’s a much more personal experience with very few people. The groups usually gather around once or twice a week while being one of the most affordable therapies around. A session might begin with members of the group introducing themselves and sharing why they are in group therapy. Members might…

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