Essay about Group Project : Introduction For Nursing Informatics

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Group Project: Introduction to Nursing Informatics
Nursing Informatics has become its own nursing specialty and touches every field, making it a necessity to learn and become an integral part of nursing curricula. The ongoing contributions of Informatics, has been growing over the last number of decades and has maintained its momentum since initially being recognized. The field initially began to become standardized in the 1960’s, however Informatics itself began when computers could hold large amounts of data. Different medical fields began to require the information systems and as the notion grew, companies began creating different systems to compete for the growing needs. The future of Nursing Informatics is not only quickly growing as a field in itself, but the technology is ultimately going to be present in every aspect of care. Nursing Informatics is an imperative part of the educational programming not only because it affects every field of nursing, but because it also takes part in a new way of quality patient care with better outcome criteria. Recognizing the benefits, as well as the drawbacks, of how Informatics can impact each area of nursing will ultimately enhance the implementation into direct patient care. Creating a course at the Baccalaureate level is important because it allows for a foundational start to the information to be learned and applied in clinical settings. Later in advanced education, more specific specialties in the field can be a part of the…

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