Group Members and Leaders Paper

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Group Members and Leaders Paper
Ephraim Iivula
June 27, 2011
Nicole Darling
University of Phoenix

Group Members and Leaders
The structure of any group is a pool where a group leader emerges to spearhead others toward the attainment of the entire group’s objective. “Very often, the most effective leadership occurs when a leader emerges from a group rather than being promoted, elected, or appointed. The leaders of many political, religious, and community organizations emerge” (Engleberg & Wynn, 2010, p.113).
Moreover, an emergent leader steadily attains leadership by networking with other group members and contributes to the fulfillment of the group’s goal. Effective leadership usually comes from
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He has to lead the meeting as otherwise opting for Antonio may send a wrong message to the other task members and thus compromise Sam’s supervisory authority. Opting for Antonio would erode the power of the structure and sacrifice the task goal. The benefit with this decision is that the task force members will still have faith in their supervisor. However, the downside is that there may be no reasonable change as Sam is responsible for the miscommunication among the members in the first place. Therefore retaining him may still compromise the team progress toward the goal if he does not improve. Reasons, Benefits and Risks for Retaining Sam as the Lead Agent, and Quality of an Effective Leader Sam has to continue because of his valuable experience with the job more than any member in the task force does. Engleberg and Wynn (2010) observed the following: “Understand and adapt to members’ strengths and weaknesses. Capitalize on member strengths and help shore

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