Group Life Of Japan And Japan Essay

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Group Life in Japan Group life is different in Japan than in the United States because the Japanese believe that it is important to belong, while in America it is acceptable if you do not conform with a group. Japanese children are also also taught that group loyalty is more important than individually; American children believe the exact opposite. American children are taught to care for the group, but keep your opinion unless presented evidence. In Japan, children are taught that if one were to rebel against the rules set by an authoritative figure, the entire group would be punished. Japanese children are not only expected to follow the idea of group loyalty, but adults as well. It can be seen that individualism shapes formal organizations in America differently than in Japan by the work ethic of the workers. The Japanese generally believe that the company matters and not the job while Americans have a dissenting opinion. Group life in Japan differs from the United States due to the belief that it is essential to conform. In the 1930s and the 1940s the nation, emperor, and the military were the center of Japanese life; however, after the defeat of the nation in World War I the society turned towards economic growth. In order for economic growth, their must be a need for unity. In Japan’s current society the life of the individual is focused on groups. The primary task, in life as seen through the Japanese perspective, is to fit into society. This belief can be seen from…

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