Essay On Causes Of Japanese Internment

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In addition to the need for security, pre-existing xenophobia fueled Japanese Internment. Since the foundation of the United States, the country has picked a different group of people to ostracize. The anti-Japanese sentiment roots towards the hatred for the Chinese people’s menial job takeover, which began during the Gold Rush. Americans were afraid that the Chinese, and eventually the Japanese, would steal all the jobs. This created a lot of hostility among working class Americans and even caused a major riot. Denis Kearney, an anti-asian riot leader, rampaged through parts of Chinatown, a community the Chinese made for themselves after being isolated. Eventually, the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed due to the public’s animosity and for …show more content…
The Japanese suffered greatly in the Internment camps, and they were not compensated adequately after they were released in 1946. The racism behind the internment is not new, it is added to the long list of atrocities the United States has committed against different groups of people. The Internment of Japanese-Americans was noted to be all too reminiscent of the concentration camps during the Holocaust. In society, there is a perpetual existence of dominant and weaker powers. Even in schools, the typical peer pressure bullying situation is a microcosm incident that reflects the real world. It is true that the United States needed to do something to counteract the external and internal attacks against it and that the country was living in a time when segregation was widely practiced. However, an indiscriminate retaliation Although the United States has now gained a respect for Japanese-Americans and abstains from depriving citizens of constitutional rights, specific groups of people are still being maliciously

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