Green Marketing vs. Greenwashing: Essays

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Green Marketing vs. Greenwashing: the use of consumers’ god willing to make profit.

This essay is about the on fashion attempting of society on help to save the world by buying products that seem to be more environmental harmless, and the consequent efforts that the industries had been made in order to either honestly fulfill this demand or to make dirty profit by labeling normal products as “green” ones. The first paragraph will explain the growth of green products’ demand and how the market is working to attend it. The second paragraph shows how hard is for the customer to differentiate real eco-friendly products from fake ones, and how Greenpeace is helping to alert the consumers of the cheating companies and products.
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In order to control this fashion wave of greenwashing, rules and orientations about which conditions must be exiting to consider a product “green”, recliclable or even environmentally friendly are published on , the web site of the FTC – Federal Trade Comission, the American agency encharged of taking care of consumer rights and commerce in general. To be labeled as “green product” there must be an inspection of all process of manufactury

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