Green Human Resource Practices : Barriers to implement Green HR Practices

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Green Human Resource Management Practices:Barriers to Implementation of Green Practices Ammaria Kanwal (11124009) Shaiza Nazir (11124025) Maaz Ayub (12233003)

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We start this research project with the Holy name of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, who bestowed us the ability & potential to accomplish this task & also gave us the command on this subject, which
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If green human resource management practices are implemented in Asia then the developing countries will also participate in the world economy. Daily and Huang (2001) recommended that there is an essential need of the organizations to balance the industrial growth and ensure the preservation of the environment where one lives well. “The adoption of these practices has been presented with a number of different advantages which would ultimately benefit the firm which has led to the emergence of “green and competitive” mantra (Wagner, 2007; Molina-Azorin et al., 2009).” Hence some of the researchers go in favor of Green human resource management practices and also support that it has a positive impact on Asian countries.
1.2 Problem Statement
The Green Human Resource Management plays an important role in industry to promote the environment related issues by adopting the green practices and training the people to implement laws related to environmental protection. The green HRM will also help the employers, manufacturers in image and brand building and by strictly implementing the ISO 14000 standards, changing the organizational culture, thinking about waste management, pollution prevention and helping the society and its own people, those are getting effected by pollution. It will also make employees and society members aware of the utilization of natural resources economically. For the purpose of implementation of an effective green human resource management

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