Green Computing And Its Impact On The Environment Essay

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As businesses become increasingly aware of their individual impact on the environment, they may choose to implement new strategies that are aimed at improving the environment while increasing revenues and reducing costs. These strategies are collectively called green computing and include the following approaches of making technology both more effective and eco-friendly: data center and overall energy efficiency, the disposal of electronic waste and recycling, telecommuting, virtualization of server resources, thin client solutions, use of open source software, and the development of new software to address green computing for internal use and potential sale to other organizations. Described in this paper are examples of how other organizations have implemented each area of green computing and will also provide We Are Big, Inc. with a general idea of the return on investment.
Data center and overall energy efficiency is a cost effective and environmentally stable solution to companies interested in green computing. One organization working to integrate this strategy into their everyday business is AMD or Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., an American company that develops computer processors and related technologies. AMD plans to build dispersed networks of containerized data centers located in close proximity to wind turbines and solar arrays. The centers will be linked together using fiber optic data lines that will transport information between the centers allowing them to…

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