Greek Myths And The Greek Mythology Essay

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How do you think the Greek myths influenced or controlled the ancient Greek people 's behaviors? Edith Hamilton 's Mythology is a collection of short stories about the Greek, Roman, and Norse myths. Mythology especially tells us about how the myths in ancient Greece influenced the behavior of its people. The Greek Gods and Goddesses were very nice to some mortals, but cruel others. The myths were meant to teach a lesson, and to make the Greeks learn off other 's past mistakes. The Greek myths controlled the behavior of the ancient Greeks because, the power of the Gods intimidated and scared the people into acting certain ways, and this is shown through three examples of Greek myths. First, the Greek myths controlled behavior by intimidation, because of my first example myth. It is the story of Salmoneus, and it shows how it was fatal to be a mortal and to act like you were equal or superior to a God or Goddess. Salmoneus was a man who tried to make the people of his town believe he was Zeus. He dressed up and got a chariot made for the day of Zeus 's festival. The day of the festival, he drove through town in his chariot that sounded like thunder when it moved, and told the people to worship him. Half way through town, actual thunder boomed and lighting struck Salmoneus dead. If I were a Greek during ancient times, and I read this, I would certainly be intimidated. The story showed the Greeks to not mess with their Gods and Goddesses, and it definitely influenced their…

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