Greek Mythology : Greek Religion And Culture Essay example

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Throughout history Greek Mythology has been a steadily prominent topic that is discussed in our daily life. An analysis of Greek myths will be done in order to tell us about Greek religion and culture. It is clear that Greek myths help shape and define the way that Greek religion, along with culture, are looked at today.
There are different aspects that can be examined in order to explain the reasoning to how Greek myths shape religion and culture. The following aspects will be further looked at to help explain the reasoning: Greek religion in a psychological viewpoint, rituals, myths, ancestry, and lastly Greek plays.
Greek religion can be viewed with a psychological approach. There is the idea of Greek religion and Hebraic religion clashing in rivalry: “the Greek led to detachment and disdain for the material world, which for the Hebrew represented an altogether.” As stated by Paul Cantz, “The privileged position that Greek thought maintains within the ethos of psychoanalysis has rendered sterile the potential theoretical contributions of biblical narratives.” He is saying that Greek lifestyle can be compared to that of the Bible. He then continues to say, “While it is true that Greek mythology reflects truths regarding core conflicts of human condition, there must be room to question whether the resolutions promoted by these narratives represent the highest ideals of psychological progression, or if they merely represent the best solutions that could be expected from…

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