Greek And Roman Influence On The Middle Ages Essay

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When the Western Empire collapsed and Roman rule ceased to be the prominent way of thinking two sets of ideals collided in the Middle Ages that can be still be seen today. On one side there are the beliefs of the Greek and Roman intellectuals; and on the other, the newly established Christian church. These two groups greatly differed in how government and politics should be carried out.

The primary components of Greek and Roman intellectual roots stemmed from the works of Aristotle in Politics, and Plato’s Republic and Laws. In Greek and Roman intellectual circles philosophies were developed through the use of speculate discussion. Speculate discussion was when an idea or principle was deeply debated in a circle of learned men until it was proven or disproven. From these discussion’s Aristotle developed the idea that human soul divide into three parts. First was the logical side, second the spiritual side, and lastly was the will or desire. From Aristote’s work Plato develop four cardinal virtues that a man can live in in peace with the world. These four cardinal virtues are reflected in man’s soul. Plato believed that Justice, Wisdom, Courage, and Moderation made up man’s soul. If one of these virtues becomes the prominent factor in a man they will live in excess. These ideas of the soul allowed for the development of the ideas of citizen and how a group of people can be lead.

From Aristotle’s works, Greek and Roman’s accepted the idea that they (male population but…

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