Greek And Roman Artwork Essay

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Greek and Roman Artwork is The Foundation of Modern Artwork
As a society today, Greek and Roman influences are spread out through several different cultures, even though; modern Greece and Rome are not the central power of the world. During the Antiquity period, the style of Greek artwork was fully developed, and was accurately representing realist and natural aspects of the world. Before the Antiquity period, Greek artwork did not reflect the Greek style that the world knows today. Two Greek cultures developed in Greece during the Bronze Age were Minoan and Mycenaean. The Minoan were located on the island of Crete, and the Mycenaean were located on the Greek mainland. Minoan were located on an island which helped the Minoan focus on Art due to being surrounded by water. The Mycenaean had neighbors
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Romans conquered city-states of Greece in 338 B.C. (“Greece”). Even though the Romans conquered the Greeks, they appreciated the artwork and style of Greece. Early Roman artworks were made by Greek artist and in the Greek style. Before Christianity fully developed in Roman, Roman artwork was in the style of the Greeks and they adapted Greek philosophies, but Romans were starting to develop their own style. The Roman had many innovations in the arts, for example, the technique to create a dome on top of a building. The only artwork and philosophies referred to as a basic foundation for the arts is the time before Christianity took over Romans. After Christianity came about, artwork starts to shift into a cartoonish style that mainly focused on religious. Throughout the years, Greeks and Romans kept influencing the world with their culture, even after the power of both places declined. Greek and Roman philosophies or ideals of the world have been the foundation of Art for Artist due to their techniques, views of the world, and the symbolic meaning of the Greeks for

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