Greasy Lake By T. Coraghessan Essay

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In the short story “Greasy Lake” by T. Coraghessan Boyle the Narrator changes drastically. The Narrator in the short story changes when he sees things that make him question whether or not he is actually bad. The Narrator pretends to be bad to feel cool, but eventually realizes that he is not the person he believed himself to be and stops putting on a fake persona. The Narrator in the story wants to be cool so badly, but did not realize that being cool and bad are not necessarily desirable traits. By the end of the story his views and feelings towards his fake persona changed, and he stops pretending to be someone that he is not.
To start, the Narrator and his friends are not bad people, but they engage in bad activities to make themselves feel cool. People who are “real bad characters” seem to be role models to the narrator, and he models his actions after theirs. The Narrator and his friends entire perspective on the way they behave changes when they undergo a traumatic experience one night. After the narrator and his friends mistake another car for one of their friends cars, they get in an altercation with a man whom the narrator describes as a “bad greasy character”. The narrator says, “I went for the tire iron I kept under the driver’s seat. I kept it there because bad characters always keep tire irons under the driver’s seat, for such an occasion as this.”(Boyle 131). The narrator keeps a tire iron under his tire because he perceives it as something bad people…

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