The Jar Of Bad Dreams Analysis

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"The Bazaar of Bad Dreams" is a collection of short horror stories. Before each story there's a little note from Stephen King, explaining why, how, and when he created the story. There are twenty short stories and two poems{I counted}, the first story is a highway rest stop where an abandoned car sits, good people, come to the cars aid, thinking something bad has happened to someone, only when they touch the car with anything touching them the car eats them. The next story is about a couple who are stopping at a dollar store, with their dog in the car, to get the woman's niece a purple ball, they get into a fight over the husband smoking, and the woman's unhealthy eating, the woman goes in angry and never comes out, she had a heart attack, …show more content…
Yummy" some guy he fell in love with when he was young. And that "Mr. Yummy" was getting closer, and that meant he was going to die soon, because "Mr. Yummy" had not changed, and no one could see him. The other guy doesn't believe him, the next day his friend dies, that night he sees his "Mrs. Yummy." In "Drunken Fireworks" Alden lives with his mother since his father died and left them a big life insurance policy, and his mother won a big prize in the "Big Maine Millions" scratcher, they can afford a rich lifestyle, and they mostly use it to spend the entire summer at their cabin at Lake Abenaki. The house on the other side of the lake is owned by the Massimo family. Alden and his mother don’t think much of their neighbors, and especially hate one particular boy of the Massimo family who plays the trumpet. One 4th of July, Alden tries to impress the Massimo’s with his fireworks, he starts a rivalry with them that soon becomes known in Castle County as the 4th of July Arms Race. In the years that follow the McCauslands and the Massino’s try to outdo each other with bigger fireworks, with the Massino’s always

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