Gene And Finny's Friendship In A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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The novel “A Separate Peace” by John Knowles takes place in New England during World War 2. Gene and Finny’s friendship is a combination of different feelings. They admire and respect each other, but Gene is jealous of Finny’s athletic ability. Jealously causes Gene to compete with Finny. Gene tries to excel in his academics to even up with Finny. Their friendship blurs who they are, as Gene begins to live his life for Finny. Gene is becoming part of Finny, therefore losing his own identity. The summer session was carefree and ebullient. In the summer, the teachers do not enforce the rules as much and the boys have lots of fun. However, the winter session was stricter and dull. The full-time teachers are back and enforce the rules. Finny breaks …show more content…
The carnival’s design is to keep the boys innocence, but some the prizes suggest they are losing their innocence. On a big circular table, “rested the prizes-Finny’s icebox, hidden all these months in the dormitory basement.” Finny keeps the box instead throwing it away like he was told to do, so he is breaking the rules. The boys could use it to keep their beer cold, which they are underage for drinking. Brinker comes and places “$4.13 from Headmaster’s Discretionary Benevolent Fund.” This money is most likely stolen from the fund. When they steal, they lose their integrity. No one knows how but some boys got “a lock of hair cut under duress from the head of Hazel Brewster, the professional town belle.” She is a prostitute and the boys held her against her will to get the hair, which shows that the boys are losing their innocence. In the list of prizes, one prize is a “handwoven rope ladder.” The boys can use the ladder to sneak out pass curfew or escape a dangerous situation. Finny and Gene use this at the beach to get beer, “Forged draft registration card”. By using the card, the boys can go out and buy alcohol, through which they lose their innocence and develop faster. Another prize on the table is a “set of York barbells.” The students may use the weights to work out and get more physically strong to get ready for the war. The prizes signify immaturity and breaking rules. Some also show the boys losing innocence. However, one thing all the prizes have in common is that they are all

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