Graphic Printing Of 3d Printing Essay

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Next is 3D printing. 3D printing makes it easier for new brands to get into the shoe market. It reduces the initial startup costs by allowing the designer to make a 3D printed model of a sole with cheap materials rather than creating a sole with a shoe making machine. Typically it costs a thousand dollars to make one sole, and then all the other shoe sizes need to be created too, all before production has even started (Bailey, 2013). With 3D printing, a sole can be created at a low cost to ensure that it will be correct when it is produced. The model sole can also show potential weak spots in the shoe. A downside to 3D printing at this time is the limited materials that can be used. An upper cannot be made by 3D printing now; however, this could change as technology changes. A 3D printed shoe outline is shown in Figure X.
Finally we come to the idea of smart footwear. There are many examples of this, but most include adding a technology to a shoe to make the user’s experience better. There are new materials that offer odor-neutralizing properties, or that light up when the body temperature of the person reaches a certain temperature. There is also a new shoe called the Shift Sneaker that can essentially change color to match the wearer’s clothing by reflecting wavelengths of light.

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