Grand Buick Of Allegan, Michigan Essay example

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The company that I prepared surveys was for Grand Allegan Chevrolet Buick GMC of Allegan, Michigan. Most locals know this business as “Grand Buick of Allegan.” Grand Buick is known for selling good quality new and pre-own vehicles, providing specials and discounts to customers, and repairs and maintenance for sold vehicles. This company has many employees in a handful of different apartments. The surveys that I conducted are focused on the “Used Cars” Department, which includes sales and maintenance. One of the senior managers, who would rather stayed unnamed, took the survey himself and agreed that it would provide feedback to see what sort of gaps lay between the leaders and their employees. Are We Making Progress? and Are We Making Progress As Leaders? are surveys created by the Baldrige Performance Excellent Program, designed to assess an organization’s performance and learn what needs to be improved and in what areas. I asked the senior manager that I know personally at Grand Buick administered the surveys six surveys to his employees – trying to even the board by giving three surveys out to sales and three surveys out to maintenance. He also administered one other survey to another senior manager – adding up to two leader surveys administered. The surveys give organizations a chance to improve communications efforts where it is needed most. Category one focuses on leadership and narrows down to the mission statement, organizational values, shared…

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