Graduation Speech : University And Attending Iowa State University

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On May 22, 2016, I will graduated from Harlan Community High School. Then comes the next big step in my life. College. I will have to start college in August of 2016. That is exactly 300 days from right now. That means in 300 days I am on my own. I have a very big dilemma on my hands when it comes to the college decision. I am currently choosing between attending Northwest Missouri State University and attending Iowa State University. I have many different factors to consider when I am choosing. My top three factors are the cost of tuition, size of the college and the town that that college is in, and how many people I will know on campus.
Tuition is a very important to me personally. I do not want to have to spend half of my life after college paying off student loan. If I were to attend Iowa State University I would have to pay roughly $19,768 for tuition (Tuition & Fees). If I were to attend Northwest Missouri State University my tuition bill would be around $13,793. It is a possibility that I could get in-state tuition at Northwest Missouri State University if I were to retake my ACT and get a 23. I am currently at a 22. If I were to get in-state tuition, I would only have to pay $7,894 (Tuition & Fees 2015-2016). Personally, to me tuition is number one. I do not want to have to take out a lot of student loans. I want to be able to pay off my college within five years. For this reason I have been saving money for my entire life. I have to pay for my own tuition. I have…

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