Graduation Speech : The Justice System Essays

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Growing up I never imagined how far I 'll make it out the projects. My mother was adamant about not raising me as if I belong there. I will admit I felt like I was meant for much better things. When I looked out my bed room window all I could see is disparity among my peers. At that moment I knew my purpose. I decided from that day my mission would be to help others. I 've seen so many people from low income families struggle for assistance that it broke my heart. While working in the school system I 've notice so many problems our young male and females go through that I felt compelled to react. In undergrad I majored in Criminal Justice for the sole purpose to educate my peers of the justice system. After attending college down south I became a member of an organization called Sister Act our motto was to help struggling families by providing them with outreach programs within their communities. Some issues we target were awareness such as domestic violence, health awareness like AIDS, High Blood, Cancer and Diabetes, and basic interviewing skills. Once I left college from down south I continue to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice, but later became employed at jobs that worked with youth development. At this moment I began to notice the correlation between adults, children, families, and communities with the need of assistance in developing and participating in a society whereas, the majority of individuals are vulnerable and disadvantaged within that…

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