Graduation Speech : Teaching And Learning Practices Essay

1009 Words Mar 18th, 2016 null Page
Through the readings in Mindes and Cornett texts, resources thematic assignments, discussion with my colleagues and specially the lecture notes. I have achieve a lot of knowledge about the importance of the arts integration in the classroom. The fieldwork in my host classroom and my host teacher has also gave me a lot of experience and practical knowledge about how the arts look in action. I have learned a lot about the social studies and the arts integration in the curriculum. Furthermore during this course I was able to observe and analyzed my host classroom for effective teaching and learning practices. And I believe the field experience has help me identify factors that can impact children’s learning. Also during this lesson I learned about the Illinois Standards for social studies and the national Council for the Social Studies themes, which before taking this course I have never heard off. One of my favorites learning experience in this course was, learning to distinguish between teaching the content and the process of social studies. For instance, I remember that is not that what we teach, but how we teach. Mindes and Cornett texts has helped me explore the value the arts bring to learning. In this course I was able to gain so many amazing insights about teaching social studies in the primary classroom. For example, I learned that when used effective social studies with the arts activities, the students can learn to express themselves. This was crucial for me to…

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