Graduation Speech : School Troubles Essay

1098 Words Oct 30th, 2016 5 Pages
School troubles: From the moment I started grade school until the day I graduated high school, I was consistently difficult and a mess. School was the only reason why I ever got into trouble. Being a son of a police officer, I generally had a good idea of what I shouldn’t to or whom I should not associate myself with. Unfortunately, my lack of commitment and focus in school gave my parents a lot of grief. I do not know why I had such a hard time in school. I guess I hated the fact that I spent all day learning and now I have to go home and learn some more with the homework that was given to me. Even when I was in first grade I had homework to do after school. I hated it and I never wanted to do it. My mom would have to sit down next to me just to make sure I did it or if I needed help. I realize at a young age that’s what parents are suppose to do but when I got old enough to where my parents were not watching me, I would lie to them and say I did they work. I mostly would pretend to do the assignments when I was actually just in my room playing Legos or if my mom were watching me I would race through it doing horrible quality. I was the type of student that every teacher and student hated. I would either not do the homework or the assignment would be incomplete, however I was ace my entire tests. My teachers and parents would get so frustrated with me and punish me in all different ways for not doing my homework. I use to retaliate by doing my homework assignments at…

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