Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

2362 Words Dec 6th, 2016 10 Pages
Spring has arrived and so has the beginnings of a new school year, seeing the same faces just months ago, but everyone has somehow changed, even if only a little. I left my home this morning expecting nothing out of the usual, though I left earlier so I could take my time watching the cherry blossoms before the day began. As I was walking to school I forgot how beautiful the sakura were. I always hated walking up this ridiculous hill every day but, the rows of sakura made it a little easier to deal with. Although besides that I was not very excited about starting school again.
I never really cared too much about school to begin with. I always planned on becoming a pianist, just like my mother so practicing everyday was more important than anything else. Maybe I would care more about school if there were others who shared my interests, but it seemed like the only person who played the piano in the music room was me.Although that is not to say that I didn’t have friends, I did but, they had their own interests like anyone else.
My bestfriends, Kai and Saya, lived next door to me ever since we were little so naturally we became good friends, though they enjoy to play sports much more than I do. Kai is captain of the soccer team and Saya is one of the aces of our softball team. Although we shared different passions, we still hung out with each other and our friendship was irreplaceable in my heart. Our friendship, though a bit strange, calls forth the last part of a poem by…

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