Graduation Speech : New Life Essay

1406 Words Sep 5th, 2016 null Page
Ahmed Elshafiey
ENGL 120
New Life It all started in 1994 in Arizona, Tempe when my dad was getting his PhD at Arizona State University. There are five people in my family: my dad, mom, two older brothers and myself. Right after my dad got his PhD we traveled back to Egypt. Egypt is a great country to live in. However, education quality isn’t good. Of course the more you pay the better the education you get, but for a middle class family it wasn’t really possible to spend more than half of their earnings in education. May 2012 I got my high school degree, and now it’s time for the next stage; college. I wanted to continue my education in USA to have a better future. I have the US citizenship, since I was born there. However, I’m the only family member who does. When I introduced the idea it got rejected from all of my family members. This was their argument “You have been dependent your entire life; you haven’t cooked once, and you haven’t done laundry once. How are you going to survive living on your own, not only that but in a different country where they’ve a different culture.” I mean they are right I couldn’t argue back. I have spent the next couple of weeks thinking. I’m going to miss all of my friends that I have known since I was few years old. I’m going to miss my family, and the place I grew up in. English is my second language; how am I going to deal with people. Is it worth the risk?
My answer was yes, it’s worth the risk. This is going to affect my entire…

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