Graduation Speech : My Family And My Life Has Suffered From Another Communication Disorder

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Have you ever tried to say something and not been able to find the words to say? Have you ever not been able to fully express your feelings? Have you ever not been able to physically pronounce the words that you wish to say? Ever since I can remember, I myself have suffered from stuttering, or someone I love has suffered from another communication disorder. Both of my younger brothers are now currently suffering from stuttering. Other members of my family have endured disorders such as lisp and dyslexia. Since experiencing these hardships first hand, I have decided that throughout my career I want to help others who are experiencing the same challenges as my family and I have.
Since majoring in Communication Science and Disorder is a 6 year process, throughout my Junior and Senior year of high school, I have attending classes at Arkansas State University. Since doing so, I have completed a significant amount of the general education or basics that I will be required to take in college. Upon graduation from High School, I will have completed 25 hours of college therefore, I will be entering college as a Sophomore. As a result, I am shaving a year off of the time between myself and my degree.
Upon graduation, I will be transferring to the University of Central Arkansas. At UCA I will be entering the undergraduate program of Communication Science and Disorder. Throughout my studies I will learn the importance and difficulties of communications. As a result, I will better…

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